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Foloma Mwale is one of the veteran politicians who has graced Malawi politics as far back as independence in 1964.

Having enjoyed top party positions during 30 years rule, he is someone many people look up to in his community as a man of understanding.

However he shocked everyone when he said he is now an enlightened person. Aged over 60 Mwale joined a group of leaders from traditional authority Mponda testifying that LiuLathu project has taken off ignorance from their eyes.

“Previously, school projects could just end in the middle of construction and were were told the money wasnot enough. The project ended there,” hrCC chair for mponda says. But Liulathu project has taught us to follow up projects from authorities.

He says there was resistance from chiefs and local assembly officials when the group was just set up.
“they used to ask us who are you to ask such question. But now they understand,” says chair. Foloma Mwale says had it not been for Liulathu, he could have died ignorant of development process. Sad that he like everyone in the village has for a long time stayed without realizing he had a role in any project that is to take place in the community.

“The goodness with this iniative is that it has reduced corruption because we take officials to task to explain financial details on projects,” says foloma.

“Currently there is no corruption. Government officials are now careful whjen they see us. Just recently, we were able to recover remaining items like glasses, doors and bags of cement after complete construction of a teachers house at kalulu primary school,” says Foloma.

In the past we could not be told thoings remained. Liulathu is a Mwananchi Project being implemented with HRCC with funding from Malawi Economic Justice Network MEJN.

Apart from creating awareness on development the project has also helped people learn more about basic human rights.

“Now at the hospital we have women coming in the open that they have been raped, unlike in the past when they used to hide it especially when a relation commits the crime,” says clinical officer at Chipumi health Centre.