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Being a harvest period, the market hype infects everyone, rich, poor, young and old.

However a few group of individuals passes the market euphoria as it rests at Mkanda teachers development centre TDC.

The group comprise chiefs and influential leaders in the community who on a normal day will sell or purchase merchandise at the big market.
“we want to give district assembly authorities our charter,” says ellen Makukula.

“Since 2010 we have been working on this document and it is now proper to hand it over to the aasembly,” she says.
Local chiefs took turns to explain the importance of the document.

“we spent time on this because we know that plans changes all the time. But having a guide will enable us to be focused on what we really need in our area.
Area of chief mkanda has become the first area to form a citizen charter that will be used to determine development projects in the area.

Local leaders came up with the conept following interaction with liu lathu project, a Mwananchi Malawi programme on decentralization. The project is implemented by Women of Hhope with funding from Malawi Economic Justice Network MEJN.

Director of planning in Mchinji district assembly has hailed the document as an important milestone in improving peoples livelihood in mkanda community.

“We take this as area development plans. We will use this in our development plans.” He adds that the document will be given to any organization willing to roll out any development project in the area.
He nonetheless urges the leaders to stick to the document in order to bring more joy to the community.