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This project will specifically focus on strengthening Civil Society Organization’s CSO’s institutional capacity to effect citizen agency and public monitoring, lobbying and advocating for transparency and accountability in the public procurement processes and systems of the education sector in Malawi.

This will be through strengthening;

  • CSO’s social accountability in public policy and service delivery by 2016.
  • Enable community stakeholders to demand accountability in the public policy processes and service delivery in education through citizen engagement.
  • Ensure procurement processes are more efficient, accountable and transparent.
  • Linkages with key stakeholders are strengthened for effective shared learning on rights based programming and social accountability.

It is a collaborative project with Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) and Centre for Governance and Public Participation (CeGPP). MEJN and implementing partners are awaiting for fund disbursement. It is funded by the World Bank

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