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This project seeks to achieve more effective implementation of pro-poor policies through innovative advocacy jointly undertaken by the partnerships of different civil society groups, the media and research institutions.

Among important objectives are to have:

  • Increased quality and coherence in the policy advocacy work of different types of civil society formations that are working on the above thematic issues through increased knowledge of each other’s work, increased knowledge about specific policy development processes, and more evidence-based research that includes the voices of people affected by the advocacy issue.
  • Increased coordination of the policy advocacy interventions of different types of civil society formations mentioned above by creating new platforms and opportunities for linking, shared learning, development of shared advocacy positions, and joint planning of policy advocacy interventions.
  • Increased effectiveness of policy advocacy initiatives by the civil society formations mentioned above through the creation of a value chain between their unique policy advocacy resources amongst the different types of organizations.

Lead Person: Saukira Chikagunda Banda